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Gates Hi-Power II and Tri-Power V-belts
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Gates Hi-Power II and Tri-Power V-belts

Hi-Power® II and Tri-Power® V-belts cClassical V-belts are forcompatible with a wide range of conventional industrial and agricultural applications.

Cross sections: A, B, C, D, E, AX, BX, CX

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Hi-Power® II V-Belts

Gates Hi-Power® II belts have concave sidewalls to distribute wear evenly while providing proper belt support for improved service life. Flex-bonded cords and Flex-Weave® covers make them the No. 1 choice for heavy-duty conventional V-belt drives.

Cross Section: A, B, C, D, E

Tri-Power® V-Belts

Tri-Power molded notch belts are made with Gates exclusive EPDM construction for higher heat resistance, and smoother running and a longer service life. They have specially designed notches and lateral rigidity to support the cord with precision-machined sidewalls for better length control, product uniformity and consistency. Gates molded notched V-belts, also referred to as cog belts, can save you up to 3% in energy savings compared to wrapped belts due to increased flexibility and reduced bending stress.

Cross Section: AX, BX, CX

Both Hi-Power II and Tri-Power molded notch V-belts are part of the Gates V80 matching system. Both lines resist the effects of oil, heat, ozone, sunlight, weather and aging. They meet RMA standards for static conductivity and Hi-Power II V-belts are available in both single strand and PowerBand® “joined” belt configurations.

Hi-Power® II Dubl-V Belts

Gates Hi-Power® II Dubl-V belts incorporate all the features and benefits of Hi-Power II belts for added stability and durability on serpentine drives (drives with one or more reverse bends).

Cross Sections: AA, BB, CC, DD



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