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Gates Metric Power Belts
Gates Metric Power Belts

Gates Metric Power™ belts are designed for OEM quality replacement on imported, speed-sensitive machinery typically used in the textile, packaging, conveyor, food processing and machine tool industries. Made with Gates exclusive EPDM construction, Metric Power belts can withstand a higher threshold of heat and offer superior protection against hardening, cracking and wear.




Metric Power belts feature an unbeatable combination of flex and load carrying capacity, reduced stretch and incredible cord adhesion properties.

Several construction features help reduce equipment maintenance and downtime:

  molded notches (in lengths 3000mm and under) to reduce thermal and bending stresses
  straight sidewalls for uniform wedging action
  specially treated tensile cords that resist flexing, fatigue and shock loads
  length range from 530mm to 10,600mm in 4 narrow and 3 classical cross sections
  Predator belt construction, with aramid tensile cord, available in many SPB and SPC sizes

All standard Metric Power belts feature Gates V80® matching system.  This means each V80 belt is manufactured within a finite length tolerance so that any V80 belt will match and perform with any other V80 belt of the same size and type.



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