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Gates Predator V-Belts
Gates Predator V-Belts

Gates Predator® belts are the most aggressive V-belts ever made for shock-loaded applications. Predator belts have aramid tensile cord reinforcement for extreme strength, and feature a treated fabric cover for superior abrasion resistance.

Cross sections: AP, BP, CP, 3VP, 5VP, 8VP, SPBP, SPCP



Features        Case Study       

Predator V-belts can handle 1.4-2.2 times more horsepower than the equivalent size standard V-belt. So you can design a more compact drive that weighs less, puts less strain on costlier components, and uses fewer belts. All of which saves you money.

Drive Savings Example

  • 3 strand 5V drive
  • Rated HP/Strand: 66.8
  • Total weight: 153 lbs
  • Total list price: $2140.00
  • 6 strand 5V drive
  • Rated HP/Strand: 32.9
  • Total weight: 265 lbs
  • Total list price: $3087.00

Equal or greater horsepower capacity with:
Half the width      Half the weight      At one-third less cost
* Drive specifications include 150 HP motor, 1750 rpm, 1.3 service factor, Driver O.D. 12.5 in., Driven O.D. 31.5 in., center distance 30 in.

1- Reduce friction and heat buildup under shock load with abrasion and puncture-resistant bareback (non-rubber) double-layer fabric cover.

2- Minimal need for retensioning due to stronger-than-steel aramid fiber or Kevlar®2 tensile cords that reduce belt stretch by 50% over standard V-belts.

3-Oil and heat resistant chloroprene compound body, rated for 180°F, out performs other rubbers in harsh operating conditions.

4- Extend drive life with the patented curved sidewall that allows belt to enter the sheave groove cleanly and smoothly, reducing sidewall wear on belt and sheave.

5- Multiple-layer tie band joins belts together into a Predator PowerBand® that provides lateral rigidity for reduced vibration and belt turn-over on multi-groove sheaves.




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